Brianer (2012-13)

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A Word Play

Somewhere in a not too-too-distant future all technology is owned by a large multinational conglomerate known as the Channel. Citizen-users are subject to a ceaseless flow of media streams pushing products which promise enhanced personalisation and yet only aid corporate surveillance control.

Brian Ferneyhough, a mildly successful in-house Composer, discovers that a series of counterfeit ads are appearing under his name. Concerned that his reputation lies in the balance, he appeals to The Channel to investigate. Yet as events unfold he finds himself caught in a web of recursive confusion, subjecting him to a kaleidoscopic series of identity crises.

Updating opera buffa for the digital media age, Brainer presents a world of playful complexity, in which identities dance in a state of continual flux. Combining spoken word with sound and video projection, this multimedia adventure represents the group’s most ambitious project to date.

Disclaimer: The English composer Brian Ferneyhough (b. 1943) – often referred to as the ‘Father of New Complexity’ – is not to be confused with most of the people of that name in this work.

Premiered as part of Borealis Festival, March 2013. With assistance from Norsk kulturråd


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