About Brainer, Again (2010)

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(A pre-apocalyptic wasteland)

Steve: The registered name of the company is “BRAINER LIMITED”.

Dave: The registered company is a limited company


Steve (wistfully): The registered limited company name can be limited:


Dave (Steve): The limited name of the registered limited company can be registered (“BRAINER-LIM, Ltd”®)

(Dissolve to logotype at 7.3.25” and fade up to) Braner – a syndicated informatics capture, retrieval and diffusion unitisation boasting equable returns on flexi-ranged consumer investment portfolios via patented TRU-GRO® asset-harvesting technics rationalisations.

Our motto? Well geez guys, that was the easy bit! In essence The Brainer interrogates the move from an ostensibly structuralist account in which it is understood to undeconstructrualise relations in relatively homologous modalities to a view in which structure is subject to convergence and rearticulation, so bringing the question of structural identity into the thinking of structuralism and demarcating a shift from the taking of structural totalities as structural wholes to one in which the insights into the contingent possibilities of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of structure as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of structure’s inherent articulation as itself.

And yet it wasn’t until they fused the warm fuzz tone of the Leavey 114 ‘Jazz’ twin-stack with a customised Maxiverb® sprung AC offset diffusion coil that they found themselves gatekeepers at the entrance to the gates of what has become known amongst the cognoscenti as their classic vintage period – only a few iconic releases before the split that was to split the splitters apart into a series of vapid and diffuse solo projects and minor redtop scandals.

Though while it lasted you may go on to experience side-effects such as: repetition, repetition or permutation and repetitive permutation and the exceeded dose should not be stated. On no account given measurements given as measuring 15x10x12 by 2 to 4,9, the main projected project variance mainly varying from 50hz to 12hps, 48K at 1.9 GeV during matinees positioned between 70 and the plinth at c. 1830 with B—-  uplit for diffusion through participating outlets.