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‘Extensively derivative, often anachronistic and sometimes puerile’ – The Wire 2/09

The London-based composer’s collective Brainer has over its five year history chartered a unique form of abstract performance that is equally concerned with sound, gesture, form and meaning. Members Cimeon EllertonLuke Fraser and Simon Katan have long shared an interest in abstraction and the absurd along with an unhealthy preoccupation with permutation, repetition, and repetitive permutation.

The group’s work questions audience expectations, playfully and obsessively weaving improbable material into musical compositions. What results are intricately worked out performances lying somewhere between music, dance and theatre that manage to be simultaneously captivating, exasperating, and funny.

Works to date include This is It – an extended romp through the apparently endless permutations contained in the three words of the title; The Toolbox Song – an extended romp extended through the apparently more-endless permutations contained in five words not in the title, The Piece – an extended romp extended through the apparently most-endless permutations contained in both the two words of the title and nine words not in the title; and Do It Again – fifteen minutes of banging a table. The group has recently premiered the partially operatic Brianer – a word play on the music of composer Brian Ferneyhough.

Appearances have included Borealis Festival, Bergen; Soundwaves Festival, Brighton; and Kings Place, London.

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